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I have a collaboration/advertising proposal, who can I talk to?

Questions on advertising and cooperation send by mail

How to find out the status of my application/payment/transaction?

You can track it in your account. Reported as paid – you have confirmed the payment; Paid – payment accepted by us; Transferred for execution – application at work, expect funds to be credited; Erroneous – there is an error in the data you provided; Deleted – the request was deleted because the payment from you was not received or arrived with a delay of more than 30 minutes.

I entered incorrect data/wallet and made an exchange. What should I do?

If the payment is made, we will not be able to return your funds. Be extremely careful and check the correctness of the data to be filled. In any case, you need to promptly notify us about the error.

I was contacted by an employee of your site and offered to exchange through it at a better price.

Our employees never apply first. If you are offered to make an exchange on our behalf, they are fraudsters. Use only those contacts that are listed on the site and do not forget that exchanges go through the creation of an application and nothing else.

Why often changes course on the site?

On, the course changes every 3 minutes and depends on several factors. The main ones are: the rate of cryptocurrency on international exchanges, the rate of RUB / USD / EUR, the number of reserves and the current situation on the market (supply and demand for currency).

Can I make an exchange on holidays/weekends?

For your convenience, applications are accepted around the clock and seven days a week 24/7/365.

Why is the transaction stuck? What is a transaction confirmation and how long is it confirmed?

The speed of confirmation depends on a number of known factors: network load due to the large number of transactions (most frequent), the amount of the transfer fee, the speed of the Internet connection, the technical health of the resource where the wallet is located, etc.

What should I do if I can not log into my personal account?

If you are unable to log into your personal account, you need to click on the “Login / Register” button, then “Forgot your password?”. After you specify the e-mail address you specified when creating the application, or during registration. After performing the above actions, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Once you click on the link, you will need to come up with a new password to enter your personal account and enter it 2 times, then click on the “Change Password” button. If the password was entered both times correctly, a notification will be issued that your password has been successfully changed. After that you will be able to log into your personal account with a new password.

What is the purpose of payment to indicate when transferring funds from the card of Sberbank?

When transferring via Internet banking, you need to specify the purpose of payment, as “Private transfer”, or “Refund”. It is impossible to indicate in the comments to the payment the application number, the word “Exchange”, different cryptocurrency names, as this may cause suspicions of the bank and lead to blocking of both our and your accounts and bank cards.

My application has been deleted, what should I do?

Most likely, the payment was not received within 30 minutes. As soon as the funds arrive, your application will receive the current status and will be processed in accordance with our regulations. If during a long (1–2 hours) time nothing changes, you need to contact the round-the-clock support of our site in any way convenient for you, the list of which is listed in the “Contacts” section. Our competent specialists will help you.

I paid the application, but did not have time to click “I paid”.

All exchanges are carried out under careful control, by accepting payment – the operator will transfer the application to work and change the status independently.

Restriction on Qiwi reception, what to do?

There are such situations when you have created an application, but you cannot accept the full amount of the payment, as there is a restriction on receiving Qiwi, what to do in such cases?

The payment was not made due to the limitations of the recipient may be in 2 cases:

1. There is no place on your QIWI wallet to receive the necessary amount;

2. Exceeded monthly turnover of funds in your wallet.

In order not to face a restriction when using a Visa QIWI wallet, we recommend that you pass identification in advance.

Depending on the level of identification, you can have one of the 3 user statuses of the Visa QIWI Wallet and different degrees of possibilities:


Balance on the account no more:

Turnover for the month:


15 000 ₽

40 000 ₽


60 000 ₽

200 000 ₽


600 000 ₽

No restrictions

It took 15/30/120 minutes, payment on the application has not been received. How to be?

Most importantly – do not worry. Payment may be in progress or awaiting network confirmation. You can always write to the round-the-clock online chat or e-mail and specify the reason why the payment on the application did not arrive or is delayed. Our experts will check the cause and answer you.

What kind of discount can I get?

Discount may be granted at the discretion of the administrator, depending on the amount of exchange, the current market situation and available reserves.

What is a transaction hash?

Each transaction included in Blockchain has its own unique identifier, called a hash (also called “tx”). This unique code allows you to check the accuracy of the transaction in the open Blockchain.

Why is the amount received different from the expected?

All transactions take time to confirm and deposit. Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency, this time is crucial, the final rate may differ in a positive or negative direction. We guarantee the best rate at the time we receive payment.

Why specify the mail?

All changes are made exclusively through your e-mail. Be sure to inсlude a valid email address for the security of your funds.

In the telegram several accounts with your name, which one is real?

Our telegram is Don’t use instant messengers without confirmation through the form in order to avoid the actions of intruders. For verification, you can request a confirmation code in Telegram and the operator will confirm it in the chat.

I am asked to clean Cookies and Cache. How to do it?

In case of any operations on the site after updating the functionality, you could have old files on your computer or other device. We ask to updаte Cookies and Kesh in order for all the functionality to fully and accurately work.

I mistakenly sent the wrong details, can I return the money?

Before you transfer funds to us, check whether you have copied our details correctly. We are not responsible for funds transferred to non-current details, outside the rules specified by the operator.

I sent you a PM, but no payment.

Payment in this direction is automatically accepted, if you sent a direct transfer to the wallet number, inform the operator. In the future, do not deviate from the standard rules of exchange in order to avoid delays in processing the application.

When paying with the Perfect Money payment systеm, there are rare cases when the transfer itself is frozen for verification. On average, the waiting time can last from 1 to 6 hours, but a longer wait is also possible. In this case, you will have to wait for defrosting.

Is registration required on your site?

No, registration is not required. But if you register on our service, you can track the history of your exchanges.

Can I refuse to exchange and get a refund if I have already paid for the application?

Refunds are made at the request of the client minus all commissions spent to third parties and plus 5% service fee. Details and terms of return check with the operator.

The site is displayed incorrectly. What should I do?

Try refreshing the page, if that doesn’t help – change your browser or IP address.

I found an error/typo/problem. What should I do?

Be sure to report this in any convenient way for you to support our service.

For any other questions, you can contact the chat in the lower right corner of the screen or mail